Discover your natural  potential with yoga

For thousands of years yoga has been practiced and studied in the East as aphilosophical teaching and way of life. Now we know yoga as a relaxing workout, a conscious lifestyle and range of techniques to help find your balance within. The series of postures and exercises in yoga train you to naturally link your movement to your breath while you gently stretch and tone your body. Your advance in flexibility while centering your mind helps you find your true potential, the natural way. Yoga postures affect your muscles, organs, glands and blood circulation, and gear all your body functions to work in harmony with one another. If you practice yoga regularly, you will begin to notice your body becoming strong and supple and your physical balance improving. When your body starts to find balance, your mind will also calm and find balance by itself. That is when true ‘yoga happens’.

Breathe with nature
in the open air

Every day you can enjoy sunrise yoga classes on our beautiful open air yoga platform overlooking the Bali Sea, included in the price of your stay. Shaded from the sun, this hexagonal space encourages your energy to flow as you take in the spectacular ocean view. Yoga was originally intended as an outdoor activity, becoming one with nature forming part of the experience and many of the postures being named after animals or trees. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, the enjoyment of yoga outdoors in the fresh air makes you feel more alive, lifts your spirits, and heightens your practice. We invite only certified yoga teachers from all over the world to teach in our resort enabling us to offer a varied program including Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga styles.


Planning a yoga retreat or training course

The Hamsa is an ideal location for teachers who want to facilitate a carefully organised yoga week,
a management training course, or other private courses
. Our resort also provides an excellent location
for your detox week or retreat. We will help you create and plan the perfect stay for your group.

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