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Carefree, relaxation and enjoyment

The Hamsa is anew health & relaxation resort in Bali with a full service concept. Dedicated to your wellbeing and rest, featuring our Ayurvedic Spa, two swimming pools and our Organic Restaurant all within a spectacular natural arena. And, when you stay with us, in any of our attractive accommodation, we offer sunrise yoga classes included in our price.



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We believe in the Power of Balance. That’s why we offer you a choice. You can create your own menu of rest, health and fun, all served with traditional Balinese hospitality! At The Hamsa you can choose from complete ashram-style tranquility, improving your health with a full detox stay or you can simply rest by the pool, enjoying the sun, with a drink and a good book. We offer you the chance to find your own perfect vacation.






What's in a name? hamsa

Even in our name we have put time and careful attention. We wanted to encompass the whole feeling of our resort and think that we succeeded! ‘Hamsa’ is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism as a meditation mantra. It stands for the question ‘Who am I?’. Continuous repetition of the word changes it into ‘Soham’, providing the answer: ‘I am That’. Hamsa also means ‘white swan’. The white swan represents purity, perfect union and balance. The flight of the Hamsa symbolizes a flight away from the hectic routine of daily life and the chance to return to oneself.

On behalf of The Hamsa I invite you to take a flight to our resort, come and join us to discover your purity, perfect union and most of all, your balance.